Milano 22 febbraio/5 marzo 2021

Per la quinta volta  Centro Studio Attori di Milano ospita Il Processo Creativo Organico, la prestigiosa  Masterclass diretta da John Strasberg.

Il lavoro dell’attore e l’analisi del testo

Masterclass on-line diretta da John Strasberg

22 – 26 febbraio 2021, “Il Gabbiano” di A. Čechov

1 – 5 marzo 2021, “Girotondo” di A. Schnitzler

I hope that you are living as well as you can. I hope that you have some moments of pleasure. That’s been difficult this past year. But, I hope that you chose to try and do as much as was possible in the circumstances we are confronted with.

I have tried to move forward as much as possible while living life that feels as if we are walking through mud. But, what choices do we have? You can’t just stop living and wait for life to get better, become normal.

I am disappointed when actors choose not to work online. My question is, what are you doing instead? Are you waiting for life to get better? Are you advancing your craft? If there’s one thing I’ve learned over time it is, that in this profession one works when one has the opportunity. It’s what I have done all my life.

And, what I discovered working online is that what I thought was going to be a problem, is really a gift. Online feels like a private session with me. Scene work forces you to develop your concentration, your imaginary world, which if you do, you are living in the world you create from your imagination. You focus on what helps you to be creative. Or, not. If you succeed in developing good concentration, and make good choices, it enables you to become deeply involved intimate, deeply personal, so that contact with your partner is often more intimate and deeply personal than  many actors can’t make even when they are in the same room. The challenge becomes, can I do that when I am in the room with my partner?

Honestly, that was a surprise discovery, which, if I hadn’t started working online because there was no other choice, I wouldn’t have made.

I know that some of you have already committed to working with me online. I hope others of you will rethink your alternatives, and have the courage to come and work. Let’s move forward, keep dreams alive, and work to develop the ability to make dreams come true. The alternative is that we give up and have no one else to blame for whatever happens, or doesn’t happen.

John Strasberg