20/25 th november 2016

In this short but intensive workshop we will be delving into the fascinating realm of the principles at play in Meyerhold ́s training system, Biomechanics. Each of the exercises provides an opportunity to give wings to your creativity, train and tune your performing instrument and ultimately enjoy the sensation of constructing your role or performance with the whole body.

We will also provocatively compare this work with excercises from
The Living Theater, in the search for politicising our artistic endeavour. We will extensively concentrate on exercises designed to quickly develop the theatrical sense of telepathy for the Actor individually and in ensemble via an understanding of stage movements as musical phrases, Finally demystify the complexities of understanding rhythm as an Actor alone in the space and with partner and of the mise en scene.

We will dramaturgically and physically examine two of the so called
“Etudes” from the experimentation in dissecting by Meyerhold and his
ensemble in the twenties and beyond, known as Biomechanics.
On the last evening we will put all the elements together and take a step closer toward recognizing the practicality, efficiency, anarchy and freedom inherent in this material for the actor today and on the creation of the role dance or performance regardless of content or style, through a very specific form of improvisation, with text and with music.

I look forward to a lot of sweat, endurance, humor and healthy exhaustion in this work. I hope for an atmosphere of discourse and debate, and of reborn love of the craft of the actor and performers work and of human expression.
Participating ACTORS must wear light weight sneakers with a

good tread with a free ankle. (no sandals, shoes, boots and not barefoot.) Jewellery is not permit- ted. Loose clothing preferably without slogans, advertising or patterns. We want to present ourselves as a neutral form and to simplify the understanding of the forms.

Philip Kevin Brehse comes to Performance Art through the portal of Theater, an American living in Post Wall Berlin since 1993, co-founder of Open Space Berlin and the Open Space Performunion. As a young man in the N.Y.C. of the 80’s, he worked for over a decade with the legendary The Living Theater directed by Judith Malina. Has performed for over 30 years, as an Actor, Director, Musician and Performance artist in North America, Europe and Asia. He has a 25 year track record of extensively examining and teaching the “Biomechanics” of Meyerhold internationally and dedicates his artistic endeavors to being free of categories, and to working with artists from all disciplines and cultures. As an Author, has written a number of rather polically provocative plays and performance texts which have been played in New York and in Europe. He published his collection of poems in the form of a performance work, “my own family All-boom,” contributed to the Month of Performance Art – Berlin Blog in 2014, in addition to the writing of critical essays concerning his love/hate relationship with theatre and performance art.
Currently teaching at The Athanor Akademie in Passau, Germany and regularly performing with the Open Space Performunion, Berlin.

Giorni e orari: 
dal 20 al 25 novembre 2016
domenica 20 novembre: ore 15,30/18,30
21/25 novembre: ore 14.00/18.00

Partecipanti ammessi: 14
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€ 250,00; auditori € 125,00

€ 180,00; auditori: gratis.